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Immerse your little one in the ultimate augmented reality gaming experience with the exciting LEGO® Hidden Side ™ Ghost Express set (70424)! This amazing toy combines a LEGO model to build with an augmented reality app to provide a fully interactive gaming experience. Download the Hidden Side app and scan the model with a phone to bring it to life: when interacting with the model, things happen in the app. In addition, with the continuous updates and with a different boss ghost to face in each set, new mysteries to be solved, amazing objects to find, missions to fulfill and ghosts to collect ... this LEGO Hidden Side set offers children a completely different way. new to play and interact with LEGO bricks! This amazing set based on a train has sophisticated technological details to catch ghosts that encourage imaginative play and invite you to have fun for hours. In addition, with 5 minifigures, including the heroes Jack and Parker, game ideas will never be lacking so that the action does not wait a moment.
Download the LEGO® Hidden Side ™ app and point your phone to the Ghost Express so that this set based on a children's train comes alive. Walk through the space with the phone to discover a constantly changing environment, hidden around the model.
This toy with augmented reality features includes 5 figures: Jack Davids (with a smartphone), Parker L. Jackson (with a smartphone), JB technology genius, Mrs. Santos (the reviewer) and Chuck (the uncle of the bills).
The train has a lot of accessories that invite you to play, such as ghost wings that unfold when you activate a lever, a camera to represent that you expel the ghosts that have bewitched Mrs. Santos and a cannon to help you defeat to ghosts and return normal to the old railway station.
Set in Newbury, an imaginary city where ghosts haunt buildings and torment neighbors, LEGO® Hidden Side ™ sets allow your little one to represent exciting ghost hunter adventures that combine physical LEGO models with fully interactive augmented reality technology.
Build the physical construction set, play with it and then bring it to life by interacting with the model while watching it through the AR app.
Using the LEGO® Hidden Side ™ app is like looking out a window at a fun and chilling hidden side that is full of challenging mysteries to solve, ghosts to defeat and boss ghosts to master, like The Bawa, different in each set.
To fully enjoy the augmented reality experience, you need a tablet or mobile phone (not included). Compatible with certain iOS and Android devices. Check if your device is compatible at Ask your parents for permission before connecting to the Internet.
The ghost train, with the station, measures more than 14 cm high, 15 cm wide and 61 cm long in its haunted version.

Cheap LEGO Hidden Side Ghost Train Express 70424

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